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Double Stems

edited June 2012 in General
I would like to propose an option on the note entry pallet for double stems on notes, one stem up and one stem down, which often ocures in scores where two vocal or istrumental parts written on the same line might share a note.

This is currently done by using a second voice, but that creates problems. For one thing it is a lot more work to use two voices where only double stems are needed. To my ear there is also a noticeable and annoying increase in volume when these two notes overlap, more so than just two notes playing at the same time on the same line. Also, when more than one voice is used, the articulations such as fermata or ret, do not sync for both voices unless there is a corresponding cord in the second voice to which the articulation can be applied. This causes an error in the play back and that problem should be fixed.

I doubt that this would take much work to add, and should not change the playback of the music.




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    I agree that this is a needed fix. Thanks for letting me know.

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    Please add this feature.  This is essential for vocal scoring.
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