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What exactly is the rational for using the EMail keyboard set for Lyric entry? It forces me to use copy and paste to the clipboard in order to get use something like a colon or semicolon.



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    A great point. I haven't been using the lyrics, since the hyphen doesn't work, and the spacing is so erratic. We've been told that lyrics will be improved in v.3, so maybe they will change the keyboard at the same time.
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    Great catch. I never noticed that. I just changed the keyboard from Email to Default so it will be in the next version.
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    I don't use the hyphon in SP, I use the tllde operator (~), and a lot of spaces (leading, following, and otherwise). But, in SP one cannot alter the size of a particular measure, so some words are too crowded. Each measure places the text vertically by some automatic criteria, so the line of text is uneven.

    Better lyric tools will be welcome. But also, the ability to hide rests in some voices, the ability to move bar lines right and left, notes right and left, and rests up and down is also needed. Then SP could be used to publish music as well.

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