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Multiple verses?

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I have SymphonyPro 2.4

Is there any way to enter more than one verse of text into a score? The return button on the keyboard is replaced with a next button on all of the keyboards. I can't get more than one verse or line of text to enter. Again, for hymnody this is a big problem. Must I really print seven pages to get all the verses of "O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing" to print out? Help please.




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    Not now. However, multiple verses are being considered for the next release, according to the thread "Symphony Pro 3.0."
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    Thanks again. I can cludge something together with 28 little text boxes using 6 lines of text each. It is readable, but not very attractive. And, it is very, very time consuming. Sadly there is no formatting available. You just get the size text you get, no bold, underline or italics. Titles and composer/lyracist names must be very short. It would look better to add them with a text box, if we could choose to not print the name of the file.

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    edited June 2012
    This feature is already finished, so it will definitely be in the next update!
    Here's a preview: http://i.imgur.com/Hb2Hl.png
    Source: http://www.wikifonia.org/node/1854
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    Thanks for the link. This will be a great improvement.

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