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I have yet to use this app without it crashing. I've had it for a week on a brand new iPad 3 and all other apps closed. What gives? I'm just using the midi feature to notate one line at a time.


  • Just input my first short song. Crashed at the end and reopened with just the first 3 measures in place. The rest lost!
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    Unfortunately a crash terminates the entire app immediately, preventing autosave from recovering any unsaved edits to your project. This explains your 2nd issue, but you should not have lost more than a minute of work.

    That said, one of our primary targets is to eliminate all underlying stability bugs, and the upcoming version already takes care of many more.

    Do note, however, that updates to iOS may introduce new stability issues outside of our control. For that reason, we always develop for the latest versions, so be sure to keep both SymphonyPro and iOS updated.

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