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Bad crash

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I have had several crashes before but this one has been the worst so far. I will attempt to explain what happened. I had composed about 8 pages of music on a string quartet. By error, i had pressed several notes on the keyboard when a crotchet rest was on. This was a piece in 3/8 time. So several bars got populated with rests, i hitthe undo button a few times,and the app crashed. This is not a big deal, and this much i am used to. What sucked was the file doesnt open any more. Any time i open the file, symphony pro just crashes out. That's about an hour of composition lost.

Some focussed effort on improving robustness guys, please!



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    Thanks for documenting your steps. Please transfer the file to your computer through iTunes File Sharing (more info: http://symphonypro.net/manual/export.html), then email the .sym file to support@symphonypro.net. We'll look into the problem asap and fix both the bug. We'll also fix your corrupted file, if possible, and send it back to you.

    I recommend that if you are working on a composition for a long time, you email yourself a .sym and a .xml (MusicXML) every hour to be safe. That being said, we are working to improve the app's robustness.
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    Hi Ross,

    Unfortunately the only device i use is an ipad. Itunes file sharing is therefore not an option. If you can let me know how to email a .sym file toyou direct from the ipad, i can do that

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    If you cannot open the file on your iPad, you cannot EMail it (or print it, or export it, or make a photo of it) from within SymphonyPro.

    If at some time you have access to a WiFi network, where you can use a computer with a browser, you can open SymphonyPro, and tap the Share icon, the third from the left at the top of the page. At the bottom of the list of options is a Share option. This will give you the I.P. address of your iPad. Enter that address in the browser of another computer on the network, and the browser will have access to your files. You can save the file, and then EMail it. This does not require iTunes.

    I know you only work from your iPad, but maybe you can visit a WiFi network sometime. I hope this works out for you.

    The folks at SymphonyPro would do themselves a real favor if they put an option on the Files tab that would let one EMail a file without opening it. You can't be the only person with a corrupted file that will not open.

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    @lmkendall, you are correct. By the way, I really like your suggestion about being able to email files on the device without having to open it first. We will incorporate this feature into the next release.
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