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Can't get replace note switch to work

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I am trying to edit a series of sequential notes. In Settings I turn on the switch labeled Replace Notes as instructed in the Edit Notes section of the Manual. However after I edit one note, the selection does not advance to the next note. I am on an Ipad2 in the Select mode and I have the keyboard down. What am I doing wrong?


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    When you say that you have the keyboard down, do you mean that the keyboard is showing? I just tried it, and it works correctly for me with the keyboard showing. I enter a pitch to change the note, and the cursor advances to the next note. (Not the note, actually, but just to the left of the note.)
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    Thanks for responding. I think I see what I was doing wrong. I was in Select mode and you have to be on Insert mode (crayon) for the Replace Note switch to work. Right?
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    Yes, Insert mode.

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    Thanks for helping out our users Mikey. To reiterate, yes, you have to be in insert mode and use the keyboard for replacing notes.

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    edited May 2012
    You can also change pitches in insert mode without the keyboard. Tap on the note, and then drag it to the new pitch. I find that an enlarged view and a stylus is invaluable for this sort of thing. Or select the note, and use the arrow keys to change the pitch and move to the next note.
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