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I don't know if that is a bug or not but some functions can't be undo and I don't understand why. For example repositioning rest vertically or moving a single note up or down with arrows or with the fingers.

Best regards,

Pascal Braillard


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    I see the same problem with clef change with fine edit. And that's really annoying if you have just made a mistake: you can't just undo it and re-begin.
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    Hi Pascal,

    Thanks for your continued feedback. Not every edit is registered to be undoable, but I definitely agree stepping notes and using the fine editor should be undoable.
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    Another problem: I transposed a score up but it was not in the right key. So I tried to undo the transposition but wasn't able to do that. What a serious trouble...
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    In fact it seems to work but in a very strange way (bug?)
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