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Copy paste problem with stem directions.

edited May 2012 in Symphony Pro
Hi there!

Firstly thanks for producing such a handy app.

I'm a drum teacher and have just started using it to produce exercises for my students and percussion ensembles.

I'm have the following problem and wondered if there is a work around or the possibility of a fix in the near future.

When I select the direction of the stems I use all looks great, but if I then copy and paste that bar the stems in the newly pasted bar revert to the default position rather than keep the directions I had previously set.

Is there anything I can do to correct this? If I'm creating a piece with many repeated bars it is a little time consuming to have to repeatedly change the stem directions.

Thanks in advance of any help you can give, and apologies if this has been posted elsewhere... I did search but couldn't find anything.



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    Thanks for noting this. It has been fixed for the next update.

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    Great to hear. Thanks for the response.
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