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Lyric tool problems

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I'm having a very difficult time getting lyrics to line up under the notes. There's very little guidance in the "help" section. When I try to use the "back" (curved arrow) it acts like a bomb, wiping out things I don't want removed. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Any advice would be helpful.


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    From my attempts, lyrics are a really weak spot in the program. Nor does it look like they are due for any major improvements in the next version.

    As of now, I'm just thinking of SymphonyPro as a way to enter notes, when I'm away from the computer. Then, I'll transfer my work into Finale, to do anything beyond that.

    I'm afraid that, until lyrics and a few other things are improved, I can't use it for any sort of "print ready" output.
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    Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm handicapped and can't use a regular keyboard and mouse, so I have hopes for this. I hope they fix it; I do choral stuff so it's pretty necessary.
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    edited April 2012
    I'm curious, LG. What can you do on the iPad that you can't do with a keyboard?

    And what problems are you having? Maybe I can help you out, at least within the limitations of the program.

    To the developers: I'm beginning to get a handle on the lyrics, but I still can't get a hyphen to appear. Until this (at least) is fixed, the lyric tool is ABSOLUTELY USELESS! Please move this fix up on your list. I know that there are a lot of demands on your team. But still, the very least I would expect of a music notation program is the ability to do a simple lead sheet: a single line of notes, lyrics (with hyphens and word extensions,) and chords.
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    Mikey, I fixed the bug that was preventing hyphens from appearing. So that will be in our next update. I know there's still some other weak spots with the lyrics tool. The most important of those for us is the ability to add multiple verses.

    LGMinton, we're really interested in making sure Symphony Pro is very accessible. So please let us know if there are any parts that make it difficult for you to use.
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    Mikey, my hands are numb and clumsy from MS, so using a mouse is an adventure at best; the touch keyboard is much easier than the keys on a standard keyboard. Also, in my wheelchair it's very difficult to even get close enough to our iMac to use it.
    Ross, so far I haven't found anything about SP that cause problems specifically for my disability. I still direct a choir and arrange choral music, so for me SATB and lyrics are priorities. Actually, since I can change part names, I can get by without SATB (if the lyrics work!) It would be good to have more clef choices, particularly the treble clef w/8 below for the tenor voice. I just got the iPad and the app so as I get more proficient I'll let you know if I have accessibility issues.
    I appreciate your responses!
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    Does the MS prevent you from using a stylus? If not, give it a try. It makes it a lot easier for me, especially when I enlarge the view of the score, and input notes with it.

    Glad to hear it! How about word extensions? Thanks for whatever you do, though.
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    I'll give that a try - thanx! (I'm such a noob I had to google "stylus" to figure out what it was!)
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    You will find them at any office supply store, or computer store. There is the Pogo, which is pretty thin. About 1/4 inch. That might be too thin to be comfortable. But there is another one (Targus?) that is much thicker, closer to 7/16. My wife really likes that one.
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    Word extensions will be in the next update. That feature is almost finished.
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    Thanks, Ross. Can't wait!
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