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How can I condense the size of the music when printing

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I'm interested in using a arrangement I've made with symphony pro, but I want there to be fewer page turns, thus needing to condense the score so that it takes up fewer pages. Can anyone help me turn 8 pages of music into 4 with smaller notes? Thanks!


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    You can set the number of bars per line to half the original, under the bars menu in the measure editor. Doing so will make the spacing of notes tighter.

    This won't affect the scale of individual notes, that itself will be an upcoming feature.

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    Thanks Phil, any idea when those changes to the note sizes will come out? The piece I arranged is flight of the bumble-bee; lots of sixteenth notes that are getting pushed into other bars. The piano part is still 9 pages long, down from 12!
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    It probably won't arrive in 2.5 since there already is a lot planned (beginning of July), so it will likely be 2.6.

    We will try our best to get it out by then, though.
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