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anyone use a roland fp-7 with symphony pro?

edited April 2012 in Symphony Pro
My Roland fp-7 is not on the core midi compatible list. Has anyone used it in Symphony Pro with the line 6 mobilizer ii or the apple camera connector or some other connection way ? I'd appreciate some details before I buy the mobilizer ii or the camera connector. I have the original ipad.


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    Check out this link: http://iosmidi.com/devices/

    According to the list, Roland's "fp-7F" model is compatible with CoreMidi, which means it is compatible with our app.

    Hope this helps.

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    I saw the fp-7f listing when I first checked out the list. Mine is the older fp-7. Thanks. At this point, I've hooked up my fp-7 to Symphony Pro running on an iPad using a Line 6 Midi Mobilizer ii and it works, at least for input. Output is not happening, If I remember correctly, output may not currently be a program feature. There are also issues regarding notes only appearing on the treble staff rather that on both treble and bass. Possible user error. I'll check out the manual and browse the forum.


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