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Playback Timing Choppy

edited March 2012 in Symphony Pro
Ever since version 2.0....or whichever version updated the instrument sounds, playback has been uneven, especially with piano notes. It speeds up and slows down. It is a subtle effect but one that was not there earlier and one that greatly diminishes the appeal of the app.


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    Are you using iOS 5.1? If so, this will be part of the compatibility fix.

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    Yup. 5.1
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    I have tested iOS 5.1 and it seems that the playback is in fact less choppy, especially between page flips. Could you send or attach an example project that has slow playback?

    Also, which generation iPad are you using.

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    edited May 2012
    Hey Phil. Playback still choppy with piano pieces. It is as if the app is 'stumbling' thrugh the piece. It is a subtle effect but noticeable. Version 4 was spot on.

    Appreciate all your hard work though.

    Perhaps this is a memory issue ie. the app requires a certain amount of free memory? I know other apps also have issues when many programs are open. In this instance however I have few programs open.
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    I can confirm this issue. If you listen to pieces with melodie and drum set, play back and AAC Export is noticeable choppy!
    If you need en example project, send me an email.

    IOS 5.1
    iPad 2
    Symphony Pro 2.4
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    Thanks for reporting this. How many tracks are you each requiring for playback? 

    I found that using pedal markings in particular can slow down playback, are you using these?
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    edited May 2012
    I have tested the app on an iPad 3 and the performance is definitely worse than iPad 1, which is where I have done all testing personally. This will definitely be addressed urgently.

    Thanks for your feedbacks
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    I notice some choppiness on my iPad 3.

    The piccolo also stutters once on a very long note.

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