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I just spent 3 hours writing a song that drastically changed after I exported it...notes deleted, ties deleted, blank measures inserted, etc. etc.  The PDF looks correct, but I need to know how to now export the PDF so I can print it.  Need this for a gig with my grandson later today and am out of time. Help???

For right now I don't care about correcting the song.  I just want to access my PDF version of the song.  Can't find how to access out of iTunes either. 

Thanks so much.

Wally Hanson


  • There are a couple of apps that will allow you to print from the iPad. I use Printer Pro, which required me to install one program on my iPad, and another on my Wlndows desktop.

    Did you try emailing the file to yourself?
  • Thanks for the quick reply.  Yes, I sent email, but it's the messed up version that allows me to email.  The PDF file opens and looks great.  When I hit the process button(the only thing I can seem to do), Symphony crashes.  Then I get caught in the loop of opening up the pdf and not knowing what to do next. 
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    Do you have the option to open the PDF in GoodReader?

    You say that the PDF file looks OK. What program are you viewing the PDF in?
  • There's a saved PDF version right in Symphony Pro.  I can click on it and it opens.  Don't know what to do from there. 
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    Give me a call at . I have about 45 minutes before I have to leave for choir. I'll see if we can figure it out!

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    I'll give you a call on Sunday afternoon.
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    Hey...thanks so much.  You can find my #'s on .  I'm in Pacific time zone in Las Vegas.  I jury rigged it by taking pics of my iPad from my iPhone and pasted into PowerPoint.  Worked, but I'm very interested in figuring this out.  I used to use Finale all the time, but would rather utilize the iPad.  

    Thanks again!
  • I see the post deleted my link.  I'm at HansonMusicStudios dot com.
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    Wally, it looks like the forum deleted my phone number. (Probably wasn't smart of me to post it, anyway.) But that's a good idea you had. You can find my number at my website: specialmillwork dot com

    I'm using the program for note entry when I'm away from my computer, but then using XML to get it into Finale for polishing. The lyric entry here has too many issues for my work.
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