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I'm desirous of importing XML files (mostly lead sheets) from Finale. How well is that working? Any issues TIA


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    I'm desirous of importing XML files (mostly lead sheets) from Finale. How well is that working? Any issues TIA
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    Symphony Pro can import and export MusicXML pretty well in my opinion. Some elements may be lost on import, but overall it works well enough for a majority of our users.
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    I just purchased SP5 for iOS a week ago and have been unable to import, let alone open a single XML file to continue working on. I bought SP5 based on the “high acclaim” it received for its ability to import and export XML files, thus allowing me to work on compositions I’m working on in Finale 26. I’d planned to use my iPad for better portability, but now regretting that decision. I’ve followed all of the directions in the manual as well as Forum recommendations and have yet to successfully import. The files show up in “Import File” menu, just won’t open for me to work on. Extremely disappointed doesn’t begin to explain how I feel.
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    There were issues in v5 similar to what you described that are resolved in the upcoming v6 update. One suggestion we recommend for the time being is to reimport the XML with a .xml extension, if its extension was .musicxml or something different. If issues persist after making sure of that, we'd appreciate a copy of the affected file sent to support@symphonypro.net. You may also include the receipt of SP from Apple and a reference to this message if you're interested in the v6 early access.
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    I have just bought SP for my ipad, but can’t import files. How does it work? Where must files be placed to allow import into Symfony Pro?
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    Import is covered in the help chapter here in case you haven't found it, including from other apps like DropBox and iCloud Drive, which are recommended as most convenient in general. After transferring a document to a cloud directory for either platform (e.g. on your Mac or PC), you can navigate to that directory on the respective iPad app, then locate the file. Next, choose "Open In" > Symphony/Symphony Pro from the list of apps that will appear. All files are copied to the top-level Documents directory of the app, and any files you import from iTunes File Sharing must be copied to the same top level directory.

    If not an SP project, the file will be available for conversion into one by navigating under the Projects Window > + > Imported/Exported Files.
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    Hi.  How to import from dropbox ?.  I have read the manual and it says nothing about it
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    To import any file from Dropbox, you can currently do the following:
    - If the file extension is .musicxml, Version 5 or earlier requires you to change it to .xml beforehand
    - Download the Dropbox app for iOS on the App Store
    - Within the Dropbox app, locate the XML file from the file browser
    - Open the file and let it download
    - Tap the ellipsis icon (...) from the navigation bar
    - Choose Export from the options, then choose SP

    Alternatively, the Files app for iOS (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206481) provides access to your Dropbox folder as well. From there, you can also use the Export or Open With option after navigating to the file to open in SP. 
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