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Lyric issues

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I'm having a bit of trouble with the lyric tool, but I'm willing to accept most of it as PEBCAK. I'll figure it out. However, the hyphens don't seem to work as described. They show when I enter them, but when I dismiss the keyboard, they go away. Also, do I use the underline just once under a melismatic passage, or do I enter as many as I think I'll need.

Finally, why is the comma buried 3 screens back? I can understand using the available keys for hyphen and underline, but couldn't the comma be in that first keyboard as a shift character?

More comments, after more experimenting. Adding lyrics REALLY messes with note spacing. For example, if you have two eight notes, slurred together, with a lyric on the first (with the no appearing hyphen) and then a skip to the following note, those eighths jam together. If there is a lyric syllable on both notes, the spacing seems better. I tried syllable/NEXT/hyphen/NEXT, and syllable/hyphen/NEXT, but neither seemed to work.

Are lyrics anther thing I'm better off finishing in Finale? I would really like to be able to do a simple lead sheet with melody, chords, and lyrics directly from the app?


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    I’m having similar troubles with lyric hyphens.  I cannot get them to work. Very frustrating.  Underline works fine.
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    Main trouble I have with lyrics is they don’t space right with triplets. They jam together. 
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