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Completely confused

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This program looks like it's easy to use but I am hopelessly lost. I'm trying to enter a few bars with two voices, one with stem up, the other with stem down. I can get a note or two in between crashes. Menu items seem offset: play sometimes invokes record or pops up the keyboard. Select is sometimes erase. Stem direction is sometimes ignored. Sometimes selecting a note lets me drag the note but sometimes it merely scrolls the screen. Accidentals and ties are usually but not always ignored, on new notes or changing selected notes, but then are randomly applied to new notes in the other voice. Sometimes selecting a note and applying a tie drops the note an octave. I've managed to play back a rhythm click track but haven't found the mute for the track -- I increased the track volume but it's still muted by default. Playback plays other pieces fine so there's something about the new default settings. I like that I can start adding notes to a piece now when I haven't shut down Safari, but I still favent successfully added two bars of music since the recent bug fixes. Can someone point me to how to use this tool? The help isn't much use because it just says what I expect the tool to do, not what it does do.

I'm clearly missing something because others say its easy to understand but tell me to do exactly what I expect to do.


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    Also, if voice 1 (stem up) is E nat. and voice 2 (stem down), is there a way of adjusting the layout so that the voice 2 note head isn't on top of the voice 1 accidental?

    I perhaps should be clearer in my question in the post:
    - how do I move a note up or down? Sometimes I succeed but sometimes it does something else when I think I'm doing the same steps.

    - how do you add an accidental to a note? Sometimes I succeed, but sometimes I get the accidental applied on the first new note after changing voice.

    - how do I unmute a track (and why are voices muted by default?)

    - how can I get play to play? Sometimes it pops up the keyboard or pulls up the record menu.

    - is there a way to remove the last note in a bar without crashing?

    And no I don't have issues with any other program, and yes I was one of the ones who couldn't start a new score if Safari wasn't fully closed
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    I changed to "woodwind" vocal oohs and the problems went away. Using voices perhaps does not work with the default song setup.
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    (except for the bad layout. Key of Bb. Voice 2 stem down D half note against voice 1 stem up Enat quarter note added first.)
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