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Shifting notes back?

edited February 2012 in Symphony Pro
I'm using 2.3.1 on an iPad2 and accidentally added one too many notes in a score. When I removed the extra note, the rest of the score didn't shift back -- leaving a dead hole. How do I fix this easily?




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    Do you developers even read these requests for help?!

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    There's not a good way at the moment to shift notes backwards. The best thing to do is to tap Undo right after inserting a note. If that option isn't available, you can keep inserting notes after the mistake until you've entered an entire measure's worth of garbage notes. This way each note in that track will be on the correct beat. You just have to delete the garbage notes.

    If you have multiple tracks in the score, you have to insert a measure of garbage notes on every track, in order to keep the tracks lined up properly. In this case, it would be easier to export as a MusicXML file, edit in a desktop program, then import back into Symphony Pro as .xml or .mxl.

    We're working on a copy/paste tool that works on selections of notes. So I don't think we will have an easy method for shifting notes backwards, until it is released as part of the copy/paste tool.
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