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"Save" Button and "Save as" obtion

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Symphony Pro 2.3.2 did not save the second part of my composition, so i lost the work.
can i save manual?


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    Symphony Pro will save your work automatically about every 30 seconds so there is no need to save manually.
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    When I select another project, it says that any unsaved changes will be lost. Wouldn't it be better to just save? I was looking all over for how to save so I could safely change projects.
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    I agree. That whole saving and opening a new doc could be worded better! Even if it's working correctly, it's unnerving.

    Like on the old Macs, where you would drag the image of a floppy disc to the trash, to eject it!
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    I also agree. I really need a way to manually save as this app currently crashes so often that I'm am constantly having to re-do work after each one. Why not add a save button, plus retain the 30 sec auto-save, plus auto-save before closing (I've lost some changes done just before closing so am also nervous each time I close a piece).

    I really want to like this app but it is certainly causing some profanity to escape my lips each time I use it with the crashes.
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    We're revamping the entire way Symphony Pro manages your documents for 2.4. You'll be able to easily, delete, duplicate, rename files. We're going to stick with the Autosaving feature instead of adding back in the save button which the app used to have.

    We already autosave whenever you enter back into the home screen or open a different song. However, we do not autosave when you force close the app via the multi-task bar.
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