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Crash selecting String Ensemble 1 and other sounds

edited February 2012 in General
I just got the app. Great app, if we could keep it from crashing at various stages. :-)

One crash I can consistently reproduce is by assigning the String Ensemble 1 sound patch to a track. Can you guys check that out? Killing the app, along with everything else running won't make a difference.




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    We are issuing a fix that occurs when selecting instruments (specifically Piano). Do you happen to have the piano selected as one of your instruments?

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    Yes, since it is the default for new scores, the Piano patch is selected when attempting to choose the String Ensemble 1.


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    Thanks for your feedback. We're going to issue a fix for this issue (as well as others) by tonight.
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    Creating a New Project is not possible when usung Piano alsow other instruments!  When i select an instrument and tap the DONE button the App closes.

    Whenn i re-open Symphony there is no new document.

    Whenn i load an immage and press Process the App closes alsow....
    How import PDF sheet music. how can I see if it played back?

    I hav i Pad 2 and all new uptates.
    So, now bought Symphonypro but i can not use it!!!!!

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    The crash when selecting an instrument has been fixed in the next update. 
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