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No Sounds

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Just downloaded 2.3.1. Seemed to download way faster than previous versions. Now I get NO sound.
Any ideas?


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    Okay, "Electric Grand Piano" must not be included in this version. I had a couple pieces with that sound and it wouldn't play. Changed to "Acoustic Grand" and it works.
    Is there a listing of changes like this...or am I not browsing around on this site enough?
    Also, still lots of random crashes. i.e. loading a song once in a while, tapping the settings icon once in a while, etc.

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    edited February 2012
    Somebody emailed us with two workarounds to the no sound bug. By the way, an update to fix this bug was submitted yesterday and will be available to download soon.

    1. Create new score with instrument (piano)
    2. Go into settings, RE-ASSIGN that track to a different instrument
    3. Playback works.


    1. Create new score
    2. Completely close out of Symphony Pro (kill in taskbar)
    3. Re-open SP
    4. Playback works

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    I often have this No Sound issue and found another workaround:

    1) Close SymphonyPro
    2) Double-Click iPad Menu button
    3) in the underneath bar, you'll see the SP icon, press and hold until it giggles
    4) Press the little clear button (white horizontal line in a red circle)
    5) Restart Sp

    I don't know why but it looks like a memory corruption problem, clearing SP from memory seems to solve (temporary) the issue.

    Good to know the SP team is aware and working on this bug :)
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