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Plenty of stuff missing.

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In general there plenty of symbols that are missing in Symphony Pro, in repeats, accentuation etc etc.  Too many to make a list here.

Is there a time table for these symbols to be added ??

I've been using MuseScore on the Mac, and it has a lot more symbols (that I use) than S.Pro.




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    Please refer to the manual - repeats and various articulations (including accents) are all there. You can access the manual inside the app by tapping the "(?)" button on the upper-right. 

    Here is an online link as well: http://symphonypro.net/manual/index.html.
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    I'm sorry but you don't have all of them.

    Furthermore, a partition for clarinet in Bb written in MuseScore, exported in xml (the XML was reloaded in MuseScore to make sure the export didn't bug it) was imported in S.Pro.

    1) A beginning repeat was transferred from Measure 3 to Measure 2.
    2) the Repeat symbol (that is not present in S.Pro) was lost
    3) the "To Coda" was lost
    4) the "D.S. al Coda" and its symbol was lost
    5) The clarinet was replaced by a piano !!
    6) the last note of each measure where all the notes where indicated Staccato, the Staccato symbol was lost too
    7) The breathing indication were also lost
    8) Even the author name was lost
    9) Of course the pagination/line return that you can insert in MuseScore is also lost

    If you'd like, I can send you the original MuseScore file, but I'd need an email@ plz.  You'll see some of the symbols that are missing in S.Pro and the XML import problems, too (they just add on this).

    Keep up the good work,


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