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Inserting notes anywhere within the measure?

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I have the following written in a .measure in a 4/4 piano study piece, in my iPad:

CE quarter notes, C eighth, D eighth, E quarter, F quarter.

I would like to add a #C half note to the third beat (thus, below E quarter).
a. If I try it in V1, the half note is auto-changed to the corresponding quarter note;
b. If I try it in V2 (handy to take advantage of stem inversion), the correct half note gets inserted into the first beat, and I cannot budge it out to any other beat.

What am I doing wrong?


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    edited February 2012
    Hi vmsda, in V2, add a half rest, then add the half note. That half note will then fall in the 3rd beat.
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    ok, Phil, thks for the workaround.
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