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Symphony Pro 2.3.1 has been released!

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Last updated on 1/4/12

This is a minor update that will significantly reduce crashes. Next update, 2.4, will focus more on features.

New Features
  • You can now reset the app's settings and preferences back to default in the Settings app. This may help if you experience crashes on startup or if the app fails to launch.
  • Toggle triplet note values & grace notes
  • Removing option to export to MP3 in favor of AAC
  • Always opens up last autosaved file
  • Measure numbers and track name text are anti-aliased again
  • Fixes cases where the app could crash on startup
  • Fixes crash that can occur on page turns when lots of elements are on the score
  • Stem lengths extend to the middle of the staff for high and low notes.
  • Fixes issue where some files containing text boxes become unopenable
  • Fixes bug where rests are not aligned correctly in the middle of a measure.
  • Fixes bug where tracks have incorrect names when viewed individually
  • Thirtysecond notes are beamed into 4 groups in 4/4
  • Exported midi files will now have notes on the correct octaves
  • Piano tracker is slightly darker for better visibility 
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