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Unable to create new song

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I bought this app becuase my laptop died, and I am currently unable to use my usual music program. However, I arrange choral music for my job, so....

This app will not let me create a new song. I go to the new file icon, fill out the title, key signature, voices, etc. and the new file never shows up. The screen stays on the default "boogie" music file. If I wait for a minute or so and then check the "open" file list, it's not been saved onto there either. It will only let me edit existing songs.

This app crashes about every 30 seconds, so I've lost pretty much all my work. It crashes right when I open it, when I click on an icon, when I try to turn the page, when I click on a note...

Also, no choral settings and no lyrics? Something to think about in an update: lyrics and a way to set up the page that doesn't assume brackets connecting two staffs, as if it were a piano score.

Please fix these problems! I have the latest update and the app is currently $15 dollars of useless.


  • Oh, I am using Symphony pro, version 2.3 on an iPad 2
  • I am also baffled. Usually I can try to set the time signature and instruments, but done on these dialogs acts like a cancel. Twice I was able to enter these and a project name, but done on this shows an empty score but the UI isn't active. Once instead of getting a score it just crashed.

    iPad 1 on current OS.

  • This app loses a lot of value by not having options for more than one line of lyrics and fingering for piano players.

    I'd rather use it with my iPad to create my printable scores, as I have the pad allways with me.

    But, due to these problems, I gave up and came back to MuseScore and desktop.


  • I am also unable to create a new project. I enter title and composer, but after hitting done in the time/key signature screen, all fields I have entered are erased. Worked fine before the update.
  • Looks like it's not an isolated incident. We're looking into this now and will get it fixed in 2.3.1.
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