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Crashing everytime you start a new project

edited January 2012 in Symphony Pro
I just brought this app today. I was so excited. It was just what I was looking for. However, after creating only five new compositions, it now crashes every time I want to create a new song. It won't save. I have tried closing the app, and I have tried completely shutting down my iPad 2 and starting over fresh. It still crashes. Please offer a solution. This is too good an app to be doing this repeatedly.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for reporting, but we will need more information to address this by sending us crash reports.

    Here are instructions on how to find them, just send the logs containing "Symphony."

    Note: If you can't accessing your library folder (if hidden):

    In finder, at the top navigation bar, select "Go->Go to Folder" and type 
    "/Users/<your username>/Library"

    In addition, if you can, please send us steps to reproduce a crash.
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