File management

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Issues and questions pertaining to file management:

1. When processing a file, the action overwrites any existing score of same name without asking for confirmation.
Significant work can be easily lost.
2. Are you able to make a backup / additional copy of an existing file?
3. How do I make a PDF exported from SP become available via Airshare?
I have installed the airshare app on my iPad and can see it's files but not ones from SP.


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    Hi David,

    Yes, this is a big issue. Thanks for reporting it. We've been meaning to get that fixed in the last version but ran out of time. Instead we plan to completely revamp file management in the next major update (2.4) and that will include fixing the file overwrite policy, doing file backups again, file duplication, copying, folders, and adding templates amongst other things.

    Regarding AirShare - you can make all files in SP available by simply tapping on the AirShare button. It will give you a web address that you can open with any web browser to share/download your files. It should look like this. 


    Refer to the AirShare section in the built in manual or online here for more detailed instructions.
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