Position of articulation and rests

edited January 2012 in Symphony Pro
I've only just started using Symphony pro (2.3) and found there are incorrect placements of rests and articulation marks.
1. Single rests can be drawn below middle of staff.
2. Multiple rests can be too close or even overlapping each other.
3. Where a rest lies between two notes that are joined, the rest can follow the vertical position of the prior note.
This causes the rest to appear far out of position.
4. An articulation marking such as a staccato dot or accent can drift from under/over the note usually to the right.
Position can be realigned by switching mark off then on again but this shouldn't be necessary.
Note that I did not use the manual alignment rather it changed over time as more entries were made to the score.
5. The width of bars becomes very small when a full rest is applied. Can the width be fixed / adjustable?
6. Text boxes aligned on screen but misaligned upon reformatting for printing.
I entered fingering for a piece and found many alterations on the print out causing some sections to be useless.
7. Printout pages have border line around page except for 1st page.
Used AirPrint option to an HP Envy 100.

Hope these drawing issues can be addressed.
Let me know if specific examples are required.
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