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Hi, I actually posted this in the iTunes store, but as usual, Apple is once again being... uncooperative, so I figured I should say it straight to the developer. This app is probably the best music notation app in the store, and would definitely be worth the $15 if not for the numerous bugs. Personally, I don't really like the Auto-Save feature, since I sometimes do a lot of irreversible composing and half an hour later, realize "oh no, this sounds horrible, change it back!" but it's already saved, but it seems as though quite a few people like it, so I can deal with it. Also, the app crashes quite frequently, but I'm sure you've already heard about that. However, there are things that desperately need to be fixed. It sometimes decides to change the key on its own and completely mess up the entire song which I had just spent 3 hours notating, and with the auto-save, makes me restart the entire thing. Additionally, there is an issue where the articulations shift themselves onto adjacent notes, which is equally annoying. Would also like to see rehearsal numbers/letters, and the ability to define the length of things like crescendos/decrescendos. It would be great to see these issues fixed. Thanks! ~A [mostly] satisfied customer


  • Actually, I just figured out what happened with the key thing (although it still shouldn't have happened). I was composing for trumpet in the key of F for trumpet (one sharp), and the app decided to change it into the key of F for piano (one flat). Thought I should clarify.
  • Hi, thanks for the feedback.

    We're aware about articulations shifting and documents automatically overwriting if it has the same name, so those are things that we will fix. Could you provide any more specifics about what you tapped on or what you were doing when the key changed?
  • All I know is that I was working on inputting a song into the app, decided to take a break and exited after it saved, and when I came back a while later the key had changed. I'll try it again and see if it was a user error that I was not aware of or a program error. I have been known to rush certain things, so it could've been me.
  • By the way, a "load piece" button would be nice in portrait mode, maybe just next to the play button... Just a suggestion
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