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Bar lines and chord symbols

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No matter what I do I can't change the bar lines......I have tried tapping and in a few minutes I aim going to try throwing!!!! An intuitive program like this should respond !!!
Also can't or it won't let me erase or change the chord symbols.......these are bugs which need to be fixed ! For this great little program to get all my votes !!!!


  • A little help will go a long way....
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    To edit a Chord Symbol, first tap on the 'mf' icon at the top. Tap on any note. Then press the Chord Symbol icon (looks like 'C7'). Press backspace until the chord symbol is deleted.

    To edit barlines please read this page on the manual: http://symphonypro.net/manual/measures.html. Specifically the section, 'Repeats and Barlines'.
  • The bar line feature isn't working.......!
  • Have you tried tapping with two fingers rather than one? Seems to work for me.
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    Yep, tap with two fingers on a measure to modify bar lines.
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