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Jazz Font and Jazz Notation

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I purchased this yesterday. Congratulations on a very intuitive piece of software, it is almost exactly what I am looking for. 

I do have one suggestion (apart from fixing the frequent crashes....it is, undoubtably, the most unstable piece of software I have on my iPad.....but I am presuming the bugs will be ironed out):

* It would be nice to see and option to display everything in Jazz Font (as this is what I am more used to reading)

Particularly displaying chords with the SwingCord character set.

* Also, it would be nice to be able choose to display major 7th chords as maj7 or even better with a small 'triangle' just above and to the right of the letter (rather than M7, i.e. Gmaj7 rather than GM7)

Keep up the good work.



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    Hi bonning,

    These are great suggestions; crash fixes come first and foremost of course.

    We will definitely put jazz fonts on our to-do list, and since they are widely used among composers it shouldn't be long.
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    I agree...if you could add those jazz fonts as well as a more complete chord symbol collection that would be awesome!

    it's really coming along as the best way to create a jazz lead sheet quickly!

    -also, would love the symbol used to notate a case where the same chord symbol is repeated in subsequent bars (which looks like a % sign)

    -also, correct me if i'm wrong but it doesnt seem possible to remove a track name completely in the case where you want a generic lead sheet without any track name there when you print...I tried, but if you try leaving the TRACK NAME field blank, it won't change....I'd like to keep the INSTRUMENT I'm using for playback in the app when working on a lead sheet, but the track name should maybe be independent


    Thanks again!

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    just wondering if there have been any update on plans to add JazzFont capabilities??

    It would be really awesome!

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    Hi jazzman, 

    I'm sorry, we only have this in the back of our heads at this point. But we will get around to it eventually.
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    Hi guys,

    I would really like to see the jazz fonts added. I use iRealB on a regular basis, but what's missing there is a way to add a lead line or rhythmic information. Your application works the other way round, by starting with the notes, but the chord information is a bit letting it down.

    If you would add the jazz chord notation, i'm shure you can win a lot of fans!

    Keep up the good works
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    Does a complete table of accepted accord is available?
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