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Importing Issues

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Any types of music files that I have tried to import from Safari on the iPad all cause the application to crash or the app shows a network error that is clearly irrelevant considering I was able to find the sheet of music on the internet. Hopefully you guys will be able to fix this. I'm extremely happy with this application though you guys! Awesome work dev team!

Just clarify a little further, two of the types of files that can't be loaded are MIDI and PDF. And this is importing TO the Symphony Pro app.


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  • Same here. I'm trying to import a PDF file and got the Network error. The PDF file is already on my iPad.
  • I personally try to import MUSEScore XML files, and it also crashes SPro, and these are small !  30 to 40 measures only !!!

    Do you guys want me to send you the files for testing purposes ??
  • Same happens to me.

    I was a MuseScore user in Mac, before SPro.

    When importing XML files from MScore to SPro, it keeps crashing at each file.

    And it looses finger numbers (I'm a piano player), slurs, and the second and third lines of the lyrics.

    But it's the best tool for creating and editing scores in IPad I've found untill now.

    Hope these problems will be fixed soon.


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