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Crashes all the time whatever i do

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I have recently bought Symphony Pro and now wanted to start usi g it, but it keeps on crashing whatever i do. It starts properly, but when i want to create new file, or open an existing one, it crashes.

Please fix it. Quite expensive app to be this unreliable.


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    In the upcoming update, we fixed many common crashes having to do with the New Song menu instrument picker, opening files, importing files, one that could be triggered by flipping pages, and so on. The update has already been submitted, and should be available early in this next week.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. If you continue running into specific crashes after the update, and you can pinpoint what is triggering the crash, please give us specific steps to recreate to help us in tracking them down.
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    Deleted the app and reinstalled, after that everything seems working smoothly as it should be. Hope it stays stable.
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    Since reinstalled, for first time, everything seemed fine, but just a few moments ago I tried to open in and crashed at exactly the same points. I am really worried. Make a serious update, or I will request my money back. I never managed to write music down. I never finished any work in this bloody app.



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    Same problem here. Please fix it, or I will ask for a refund too.

    Thanx in advance.
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    Please export the associated project file(s) to support@symphonypro.net. This will best help diagnose & fix the cause of your crashes!
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    Our next update should be out in about a week. Please wait till 2.3.1 is out, because it should fix all of these crashes you are having.
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    I am also having problems when trying to export to email, program crashes. Will the update be automatic or do I have to download something somewhere?
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    The update will be available from the App Store app > Update section. It will show up in there when it's released.
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