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Importing Jpeg file

edited December 2011 in Support
Has anyone been able to import a jpeg scan of sheet music? When I try to open a jpeg in Symphony Pro, the application opens, but nothing else happens.


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    Hi joturner, this feature is buggy at the moment but there are plans to improve it in the near future (we've marked it as a high priority item in our internal bug tracker). In fact, we recently submitted the 2.3 update, that will be available for download sometime next week, that includes improvements to it, including many crash fixes and increased accuracy.

    As evidence of the improvements, it can finally import the first page of Solace very well. For example, this image when imported in 2.2 will crash, but if you do it in 2.3, it will produce this.

    I recommend trying importing the same file that's giving you problems again in 2.3, and if it's not working as you expect it to, send it over to us at support@symphonypro.net, and we'll take a look at it.
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