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Complex chord structures

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I am having problems adding chords for instance in the bass cliff (is there a place to indicate middle c as C4 or C 5) . I can.t seem to "stack" a sophisticated chord such as a "complete9th or 11 th!.


  • What am I missing?
  • Adding Chords works the same regardless of the clef. In version 2.3 you will be able to customize the transposition for each track so that everything is played an octave lower, for example.

    Could you elaborate on what specific chords you are trying to enter? Symphony Pro will automatically recognize and format chords such as: cdim, v7(b9b13), C13b9#11, V/ii, and so on.
  • Something such as a E,Bb,D#,F#
  • Is this what you're trying to make? If so, you can tap and hold on the score while in insert mode to bring up a guide to help you append notes to an existing chord. I thought you might have been referring to written chord symbols before.
  • That' s kind of it, I will keep fooling with it. Thanks
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