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First of all my apologies for being so late, as your update is supposedly almost ready, but I just discovered the app. However, these suggestions may serve as well for a further update. The app seems to be very promising, probably called to be the ipad's main notation app, so I'm sure you want to make the most of it. These are my suggestions, which come to my mind while working with it. I will be adding more as they come up. I must tell you that I use Finale and Sibelius on a daily basis and, although Symphony doesn't need to imitate them, it can be useful to learn from what they do, good or bad.
It is great that you guys are listening to customers, that's the best way, congratulations for such neat application!!

- dotted notes. After a dotted note it comes usually a non-dotted note. Is there any way to make the dot unselected once it's been used once? That is the case most of times, and it's annoying that you have to tap it again to have it disappear.
- selecting bars. It would be useful if we could select more than one bar at a time, when we want to copy a whole section, for instance. I lnow you can do it copying one measure each time, but it's a little slow this way. Also, you need to tap 'clear clipboard' when you are done, which becomes a little disturbing. Why not a tool to select any number of measures and making the previous clipboard erased the next time we select-copy something else?

I'll be posting more suggestions if I find them...


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestions about interface behavior. We'll keep them in mind. 

    We're also going to add cut, copy and paste functionality using the select function. This will allow you to select multiple measures at once, instead of one at a time.

  • More things I would add...
    - 'save as' button. I made an arrangement for violin a cello. Now I'd like to adapt it for two violins, But I can't save it under a different name to apply the changes.
    - transposing engine, which would be related to multi measure selection, so we can just select and then modify
    - the expressions/articulations library is a little poor, items like cresc., dim., octava, dashed lines, etc..

    I know this is not something like Finale or Sibelius, but it's free to ask, ins't it?
    Thanks for your great job!
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