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Really bad Latency when playing in parts.

edited December 2011 in Symphony Pro
Hello another question or rather a request :-) 

Please fix or significantly improve the Latency.
Symphony Pro has really bad Latency when playing in parts.
I'm trying to play in some Hi Hats, Kik and Snare and both the onscreen Keyboard and External Midi Keyboard trigger all sounds very late. 

For external midi I'm using an M-Audio KeyRig 25 connected with USB and the IPad Camera Connection Kit.

Hardware= Symphony Pro version 2.2 on an iPad 1 running IOS 5.0.1 (9A405)

Thanks :-)



  • Hi,

    We have been aware of this (if you mean that you are playing back with an Active Track set). We will add it to our issue list as high priority.

  • Hello Phil, thank you for your response :-)
    I am encouraged by this issue becoming a high priority.

    I'm not sure about the definition of (Active Track set) I was trying to play in some drum and keyboard parts
    using the sounds built into the app :-)  

    Is that what you mean by Active Track set?

    Best regards
  • Hi BigPocket,

    I'm glad that in general, things seem to be working smoothly. By active track, I meant viewing just a single part (by tapping on the T1 button on the left toolbar).

    Thanks for your feedback,

  • Hello again, I've tried playing in notes both ways. With the T1 button set to All and also T1.
    No change in the Latency. Most of what I play into SP gets notated incorrectly in regards to Rhythms.
    Any chance on fixing the Metronome It has Reverb on it. It should be totally dry :-) 

    Thanks Phil :-)

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