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edited December 2011 in Symphony Pro
First, although new to this forum/blog I am a longtime Mac user and mobile device user. I have 2 iPad and one iPad2 along with iPod Touch, iPhone, etc, etc.

I am also heavily into music composition, arrangement and midi. My
primary reason for picking up Symphony Pro has been transcription of my
midi into scores. I have software to do it on the Mac but was thrilled
to see an iOS solution as I have a "real" job which is boring as hell
and I have time to work with music while I have processes running, just
can't bring my Mac to work but can have my iPad. As I said I purchased
SymphonyPro regardless of the reviews. I am experiencing crashes every
few minutes, just about anything I do with midi results in a crash but
changing instruments causes a crash as well.

I see that there is an update coming and hope it will add stability. Any idea when the update will hit?




  • Hi Joe,

    2.2 had a lot of crash fixes, so first make sure you have the latest version (the menu should indicate version number). Nevertheless, iOS 5 introduced a lot of stability issues, and more fixes will arrive in the next update (2.3), including the instrument menu crash-fix. 

    Once you've double-checked on your version, please send crash reports to our support email. Here are instructions on how to do it, under the section "Sending Crash Reports to a Developer." 


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