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Initial Thoughts and A Few Suggestions

edited December 2011 in Symphony Pro

So I bit the bullet and purchased an iPad and Symphony Pro to be able to compose on the move. First of all congratulations on a wonderful product! It is inspiring to use.

After playing with it for a few days I have a few sugestions for you to consider for future updates that although not very big I would find invaluable.

1) The Harp would load in grand staff format like the piano.
2) That you can change the instrument text names. For example you can select track 1 as violin and track 2 as violin but then be able to select the text at the start of the staff and rename Violin I, Violin II for a more professional layout.
3) I know there is a string patch and a string pizz patch, but would you be able to add the pizz and naturale articulations and have a single patch that would change between the two with the articulations?
4) Would it be possible to request a few more instruments mainly Double Basses and some mallets - Glockenspiel, vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba. Sorry also being cheeky a Celeste would be wonderful as well.

Can I just add that your library sounds very very good!! Compare it to the Avid Scorch app playing back and there is no comparison, yours wins hands down!

It really is a wonderful app and I hope you would consider the changes above for future releases.

Many thanks.


  • Hi Simsy,

    I appreciate your feedback. Your suggestion about customizable part names is great. We will make it so that harp formats to grand staff as well (since this seems to be the standard).

    We will continuously add new instruments (including double bass). But please double-check on the keyboard-based instruments you mentioned. They should all be there under the corresponding section. Pizzicato strings is also available.

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