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My humble apologies is this is somewhere in the documentation and I missed it. Is there a tool in symphony pro to do transposition (e.g. from a B flat instrument to an E flat)?

Thanks for your assistance - and this is a great application!


  • Hi klohmann. If you look under the settings menu ( the little gear wheel ) there is an indicator for the key setting. If you change the key it will bring up another dialog that asks you if you want to transpose the notes too and in which direction. I think that will do what you want it to do.
  • Thanks ManOnBass. I tried that, and unfortunately, that changes the entire piece, not just one instrument. What I am attempting is - if I change an instrument to one in a different key (clarinet is in b flat, alto sax is in e flat), is there a way to transpose the music for just that instrument so that it is in the correct key for the rest of the piece?

    Thanks, K.
  • Sorry, I understand now. I don't see a way to change just one voice. That would be a great feature though. If I figure out a way to do it I'll follow up with you. In the mean time maybe the developers have more insight.
  • For now everything is stuck in concert voice. We'll fix this issue soon.
  • Thanks very much! Great product - I am really impressed. I think that the upgrade to support transposition will be a welcomed addition. Again, great product! K.
  • symphony wrote:
    For now everything is stuck in concert voice. We'll fix this issue soon.

    Has this been fixed yet? If not, is it still in consideration to be changed?
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