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Improving lyric entry

edited November 2011 in Symphony Pro


The lyric tool in 2.2 is pretty good but I have a few suggested improvements.

1. I previously mentioned that the tool should recognise ties and slurs and, when I hit Next, jump past all subsequent notes in the same "syllable" (tied notes and slurred notes are one syllable for singers).

2. Next shouldn't move the cursor to a rest - I can't sing a rest.

3. I can't find the semicolon and colon anywhere on the keyboard - and these are used in song lyrics. Maybe I'm being dumb but I think they should be more obvious.

4. The comma is very frequently used but is three button presses each time I want it. Is there a way to bring this to the front keyboard page?

5. Hitting a punctuation mark should have the same effect as pressing Next (it does already for hyphen but should also do this for comma, full stop, exclamation mark etc).

6. If I make a mistake on a particular syllable I have to come out of lyric entry mode, move back to the previous note, then go back into lyric mode. While this isn't the worst feature in the world it would be helpful, if there were any room, to have a Back button on the keyboard as well as a Next button.


Keep up the good work!


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    Count me as a +1 for all of these suggestions - especially the punctuation.  Spent 10 mins looking for : and ; as I needed them for lyrics...

    And yes, keep up the good work!
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