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Can't create a new project

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I'm at wit's end: on a 64gb iPad2 3G, running iOS 5 and Symphony Pro 2.2. I've followed all the instructions and it simply will NOT create a new project. Sometimes it crashes when I click the "Done" button, other times it simply does nothing (no new file created under the "Folder" icon). It's been like this from Day One and it's getting REALLY annoying...


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    Hi aldus, I usually never recommend this, but you should do a Delete and Reinstall. Backup your files before doing this and send us your crash logs (Under Sending Crash Logs to the Developer) to [email protected] . This is a severe bug, never reported yet until now, and if true, your crash logs will help us fix and prevent other users from encountering it in the future. Also, in the email, please tell us the exact steps on how to reproduce the crash.
  • It may not have been reported up until now, but I'm having the same problem
  • We never received a crash report so it's still an unverified bug.
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