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Symphony Pro 2.3 Released!

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Last updated on 1/4/12

New Features
  • Grace Notes
  • Double-dotted and triple-dotted notes
  • New setting to play only the active track
  • Anacrusis/Pickup Measure support
  • You can now reposition dynamics and articulations
  • Multiple articulations can be added to the same chord
  • New clef picker interface
  • Customizable transpositions
  • Autosaving
  • Customizable track names
  • Two different types of similes
  • Reduced the time it takes to export MP3
  • Many crash fixes
  • Fixed bug where adding a note in other than the first page may cause the app to flip back a page
  • URLs pointing to a non existent file no longer gets imported into the app
  • Reduced delays in playback & recording
  • Fixed crashes that occur when exporting and then opening a document
  • Fixed bug where exporting can hang on the last page
  • Fixed bug where single page PDFs weren't correctly being displayed in mail applications
  • Fixed crashes that could occur on startup
  • Fixed crash that occurs when deleting all files from the app
  • Fixed some errors reported by Sibelius in MusicXML exports
  • Animation when switching orientations is back in place
  • Document recovery system has been replaced with the new Autosaving feature
  • Improved formatting of pieces printed with AirPrint 
  • Fixed a bug where only a blank screen is shown when using AirMirroring
  • Improved support for Unicode text, such as Chinese symbols
  • Improved PDF/image import stability


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    Sounds great!  Do you have an estimated release date?
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    Sounds great!  Do you have an estimated release date?
    Our plan is to submit the update sometime next week.
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    So we should have it the first week of January. 
    Will there be a way to extend dynamic markings (< or >) over several measures? Also, will there be a way to add more than one line of lyrics?
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    @rebern Yes. We submitted the update today and it should be available to download sometime next week.
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    Quantized ?
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    A lot of time was sacrificed to getting recording latency fixed. This caused issues with accurate rhythms. Quantization will definitely arrive in 2.4. 

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    Any clue when 2.3 is going to be out?
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    As soon as Apple is done reviewing the update. It usually takes 2-3 days.
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    Sounds awesome! Thanks!
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    edited January 2012
    Gah!!! The track names are all the same as track one when viewing individual tracks!!! I want version 2.2 back!!! the track name editor does nothing!

    Symphony Pro 2.3
    iPad 2 32GB WiFi

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    Downloaded 2.3 and can't find a way to add a pick up note. Also can mot extend hair pin dynamics.
    One major complaint that I have and see it hasn't been fixed unless I am doing something wrong. I can enter a ending repeat but can't have an ending repeat with a first ending and this doesn't make sense that one can't place both in a measure.
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    It still crash when I change the 2nd instrument, every time
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    @rebern: you can add a pickup note by changing the time signature of the first measure to the note's value (e.g. 1/4 for a quarter note). We'll fix the other issues in a following update, thanks.

    @DaWa: Please send us crash reports. Here are instructions on how to do so:

    Note: If you can't accessing your library folder (if hidden):

    In finder, at the top navigation bar, select "Go->Go to Folder" and type 
    "/Users/<your username>/Library"

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    I can enter a ending repeat but can't have an ending repeat with a first ending and this doesn't make sense that one can't place both in a measure.
    This is already possible, although we could probably make it more intuitive. If one measure is in 1st ending, and the next measure is 2nd ending, the end repeat will automatically be added before the 2nd ending.

    Hairpin dynamics still can't be extended. We will add this in one of the next updates. I can't promise next version because there are several crashes/fixes/features that take priority at the moment. The plan is to allow hairpins to be moved and extended in the same that you can currently move dynamics and articulations.
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    Please bring back the save button. I just lost 10 minutes of work on an app crash. I used to save frequently in case of a crash.

    For the grace note when they are 16th notes in a 3-3-2 pattern instead of being groupings of 4 like I would expect it starts a new group with each grace note.

    When using grace notes on one voice and no grace notes on a 2nd voice like you would do with snare drum and bass drum, the 2nd voice lines up with the grace note instead of the main note.
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