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Importng a score from an Image

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hello everyone!

first of all, thanks for Symphony Pro :) it's something I was looking for for many years expecially for the realtime scoring thru' the keyboard (cos I didn't want to spend 600€ for Sibelius :) )

I've found a feature which sounds very interesting for my needs, but I want to make sure I got it straight cos it seems too amazing to be true

Importing a score via Image

is this the case where: 

- somebody gives me a score (a drum part or such.. one instrument anyway..no complex orchestral stuff)
- I import it in SP as an image taken from my iPad camera
- it gets processed it and I can hear it in SP


so far I tried but I always get this message

"Processing Error. The file appears to be incompatible with the app. Please contact the devs for further assistance"

maybe the iPad camera isn't detailed enough?

thanks for the support

and keep this little jewel up!


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    Thanks for telling us about this.

    You are correct about what it should be able to do: (1) with a PDF or image of a score, (2) you can import it and ask SP to help process it to an XML file, (3) after processing you can open the file to display, edit, and play it back. 

    How well it does at doing this is dependent upon the quality of the image and how complex it is. For best results, the file should be at least 3000 DPI, have a minimum width or height of 2000px, and PDFs should be no longer than 2 pages. (Refer to the built-in manual for more information). Unfortunately, The built in camera is not good enough to produce a quality source file so importing it will likely produce poor results, cause the app to crash, or simply fail, throwing the "Processing Error" alert.  We recommend using scanned images or high quality PDFs instead of images from the camera.

    Here's an example of a file that meets those requirements and what it looks like imported into Symphony:

    Musette (Original).pdf
    Musette (Original).mp3

    Musette (Symphony).pdf
    Musette (Symphony).mp3

    As you can see, the importer is not perfect yet. Anything more complex than this file will likely not work well in SP or simply not work at all. We should really slap a "beta" tag on this feature because it in a very early stage of development right now. Though we are planning on improving it in future updates. The first thing we'll do is get rid of crashes in 2.3. Other improvements will come over time.

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    wow.. what a kick ass feature for an iPad app!

    and thanks for the support :)
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