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Symphony for iPhone - Persistent Crashing

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I just tried to post this message a minute ago, but the screen froze and I lost my work.  Ironically, that is the very reason I am starting this discussion!  It seems Symphony Pro is getting the lion's share of attention here, but I ave been plagued by problems with Symphony for my iPhone crashing and losing my work.  I've been trying to use Symphony since before the recent OS update, and yet it persistently crashes every few minutes.  So often, in fact, that I can neither accomplish anything of substance in the short time it is working, nor can I save any of the work that has been done.  So, basically, it's been a totally fruitless endeavor.  Looking at the most recent reviews on the AppStore (one of which is my own), it seems others are having the same problem and have been for some time.  And yet, no fix has been offered.  I have considered buying an iPad specifically to use Symphony Pro, but if the more basic iPhone application is this unreliable, I cannot imagine spending that kind of money on a product when the Pro app may be just as unreliable.  I am more than a little frustrated that I spent good money on an app I cannot use, and I'm losing confidence that I will ever be able to.  Is there a fix in the works for Symphony?


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    Symphony hasn't been updated in months now. I don't think an update will come out for it anytime soon either. It seems like the developers have decided to focus all of their attention on Symphony Pro instead.

    But, based off my personal experience, Symphony Pro crashes here or there sometimes, but for the most part it's reliable enough to get work done. Also, the developers continue to push out lots of updates with fixes and new features (we've gotten 2.0, 2.1, 2.1.1, and now 2.2 in a little over a month) so I don't worry about it never receiving support. 

    So, you should consider getting Symphony Pro if you want something that's far more powerful, can be used professionally, and a software that looks like it will continue to be supported by the devs.
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