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Automatic paging/midi out/full screen in landscape

edited October 2011 in Symphony Pro

First of all i like the App especially due to musicxml inport/export function, but i ask you if the following functions could be implemented to use the App also as replacement for a Music of sheet. In my opinion an automatic paging via Midi in and further more Playback mode via Midi Out  on my digital piano  would be very helpful.

Midi in:
Manual paging via tap on the ipad is not really comfortable. I my opinion following would be very helpful: A new button eg "learn" can be pressed then the App. Should wait if the correct note has been played and countinue playing(accuracy and track should be possible to Set) If not the Wrong Note should be shown shortly. All this would result to do automatic paging because the App. Exactly knows the Position of the player. Very helpful would be to See eg one measure of the next page on the bottom of the current Page . Also One idea could be to Show all Notes into One Track.

Refer to http://pianobooster.sourceforge.net/

Midi Out:
Using a digital Piano i often Play with headphones and therefore i would prefer to here the score through my piano on my headset in playback mode (Play Button)

Furthermore full screen in landscape mode would be very helpful to have the notes larger and therfore better and easier to read. Refer to Steinway Etude App.

maybe you like my Ideas and maybe especially the Midi in automatic paging idea could be Developed with Short effort :-)

Thank you in advance
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