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Symphony Pro 2.2 Preview

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New Features
  • Set specific tempo changes at any point in the score
  • Shift notes across measures when inserting
  • Note noteheads: Slash and stemless slash
  • New clefs: Treble 8va, Treble 8vb, Bass 8va, Bass 8vb
  • Exported MP3 and AAC files now sound exactly like they do in the app (see sample files below)
  • Exported audio is now recognized by iTunes
  • Pizzicato, snap pizzicato, harmonic, turn, and inverted turn are now available
  • Pedal marker and playback support
  • Bulk note undo
  • Place finger at any point in the navigation bar to move the tracker there
  • Added sextuplets and ninetuplets

  • Fixed crashes when opening Settings menu
  • Fixed cases where the Save button doesn't do anything
  • Fixed bug preventing the addition of a note in between 2 notes in certain cases
  • Improved playback speed
  • Fixed shifting chord symbols when note is erased
  • Fixed invisible note heads displaying after multi note changes
  • Note head button is no longer preselected when dragging a selection rect over an empty region
  • Drum kit not transposed
  • Improved precision editor
  • Improved recording lags
  • Fixed a bug where double flats weren't being saved
  • Fixed incorrect page offsets when flipping page while zoomed in
  • More lines in a page are utilized for single track pages
  • Fixed crash with the text tool when entering text followed by a space char
  • Fixed crash when importing MXL from the web
  • Fixed crashes when zooming
  • Fixed cases when drag and add tool begins in wrong location
  • Fixed an issue with font aliasing
  • Improved placement of inserted notes
  • Fixed delay with playback autoscroll when flipping pages
  • Extended page frame further to left and right
  • Fixed crash when saving while using the text, chord symbol, or lyrics tools

Sample Exported Files



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