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ALL the text fields in measure one

edited November -1 in Symphony Pro
I mentioned within another thread, but since it's happened again today I'll post it as a new topic.

I opened a recent file in S-Pro, ALL the text fields are all jammed up into measure one.
It was so tricky to reposition them, so yesterday I just deleted them all and am put them back in.

And now I wonder if I should do this again.
Was there something I might have done to cause the file to do that?

Thanks these are the first issues I've hit with this app.
thanks for considering the questions!


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    Hi omaether,

    This issue has been fixed for the next update, which should be released in 2 days.

    Sorry, since this is a major inconvenience!

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    Yayy! Can't wait.
    I have never seen production bugs from user feedback fixed this fast.
    ROCK ON!
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