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Yikes - midi export wrecked project!

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I'm a relatively new Symphony Pro user, and like everyone else I'm very impressed with the software but experiencing problems related to iOS 5. I'm eagerly awaiting the update. But in the meantime I've experienced a problem that seems unrelated to the OS. I created a project, a simple piano score, and saved it. Everything was fine until I tried to export to midi and email it. When the midi file arrived in my inbox, I played it and discovered that just about every other note was in the wrong octave. It made for an interesting sound! I've searched the forums and discovered that this may be a known bug. But then when I went back to Symphony Pro to continue working on the piece, I found that the piece itself had been corrupted, apparently by the midi export. Now it looks just the way it sounds--with every other note transposed up or down an octave. I haven't been able to find a way to revert back to the original, so I'm faced with the tedious task of re-creating the piece from scratch. Is this an issue others have run into? I can live without the midi export for the time being, but it sure is frustrating to have an entire piece ruined beyond repair! Thanks for any advice (or maybe just consoling) you can give.


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    Hi, thanks for reporting this to us.

    The inaccuracy of the MIDI is a well known bug that still needs to be fixed. However, I don't think file corruption is a bug. The export process couldn't have done it because what happens during export is the app creates a temporary file and uses that to generate a MIDI. Your original file is never modified during the process. I think what might have happened is that you exported the MIDI, then opened the MIDI in the app, which automatically converts to a Symphony file and overwrites the original. So now, the original file is gone, and what it is now is the bad piece, with the messed up notes.

    Is this what happened?

    Either way, unfortunately, the original file is gone and unrecoverable. Sorry about that.
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    Yes, that probably is what happened. You would know better than me, I suppose. I'll deal with it. In the meantime, until the midi export is fixed, wouldn't it make sense to disable or remove the option?
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