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Can't make 2nd ending 2 bars long
2nd ending won't accept repeat sign with 2nd ending 2 bars long.
Chord overwrites first ending
Chord spacing makes difficult reading of chord symbols
Had to use text feature to enter chord symbol where there are no notes


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    Thanks I've made notes of these issues.

    The chord spacing is only a problem when you specify a certain number of 'Bars per Line' for that line. If you leave it at 'Automatic', there will be some space on the left and right of each chord with a chord symbol.
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    Hi Steve,

    To make a multi-measure second ending, just place the second ending where you want the first ending to end. It can be more than one measure after the first ending. The end repeat will be added automatically. The placement you showed is not the correct way to do this (don't make consecutive first endings or second endings like you did in the first image).

    Let me know if this fixes the issue.

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    Sorry but this is the best I could do. To be clear, I want the 2nd ending to go one more bar to the double bar line. Please clarify. Thanks.
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    My apology. In a previous version, you were able to place the second ending more than one measure from the first ending and have it played back correctly. I assumed this was still the case, but in 2.2, it will work properly.

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    Just to clarify: In the update that will be out soon (2.1), you will properly be able to extend 1st and 2nd endings like you are asking for. However, the playback engine may ignore the repeats in some cases. We'll fix this in 2.2.

    Thanks for pointing that bug out.
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