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Three questions/comments:

1 - First, thanks for making this app! As a Sibelius user I'm excited to have a way to write stuff with my iphone and doubly excited to use this on my iPad 2. if I can ever lay my hands on one!

2 - Sometimes when I am using Symphony on my iPhone (3GS) the app hangs up and and I can not enter any new notes. Has anyone else experienced this? I have to save the song I'm in and then open it up again and then i can add some more notes. I notice that this usually happens when there is a whole note rest in a bar (with a little blue dot below the bar)...no matter how much i tap i cannot get any notes to be added to the bar. Is this because there is a whole note rest in the bar and I first need to delete this rest? If so, I'd request that the default is for a bar to be empty, not to have a whole note rest which must be deleted before adding new notes. (my expectation was that as soon as I tried to add a note to a 4/4 bar with a whole note rest, the whole note rest would dissapear and I'd be free to add notes to the bar)

3 - Usability comment: The indicators for "Add" and "Edit" are very confusing! When you select "Add" it turns light grey, which is completely counter-intuitive to me. The active state should be BOLD or bright red or whatever, but not light grey/greyed out! Light grey = inactive state!

Just my 2 or 3 cents, thanks again for making this app!
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